02 de març 2013

Team Bicioci-NINER Fores Twins

We present the two bikes with the members of Team Bicioci-NINER, Judith and Laia Fores face a new season, are two incredible Niner Air 9 Carbon RDO XX1 Race in size S and with a tiny weight of only 8'4 Kg How are twins not know who is and who is the other, well, say that Judith i take the green NINER sister Laia the black / white.

This weekend and premiered in competition at the 1st Regional Cup race in France, will be the last test before the Catalan Cup Banyoles. The timetable for the young promises of female MTB 2013 is as follows: Championships of Spain, Catalan Championships, International Catalan Cup, Provincial Championships, European SS to play in St. Gregori (Girona), Open Tactic, VTT Cup France Marches and supporting evidence of resistance ...

Thank Salt BICIOCI store their unconditional support and the European importer of NINER, Topfunbiking for their involvement in this project. Pedal damn it 100%!!!

Via: @Amatstrong